Downtown San Diego Residents often wonder, and ask us, where they go to get assistance with damaged or missing items. The Downtown San Diego Partnership has put together this guide to assist you with resources report common problems that crop up in Downtown San Diego.

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In addition, we have included the following links and numbers to help Union Square residents report common items that they would like to see corrected.


Broken Street Light or Base
Streets Division
​(619) 527-7500

Broken or Inoperable Street Light​
Street Division
​(619) 527-7500

Graffitti on Buildings
Graffitti Hotline
​(619) 525-8522

Graffitti in the Public Right-of-Way​
Clean & Safe
​(619) 234-8900

Overflowing Dumpster​

Owner/Property Manager

Broken Tree Limbs​
Clean & Safe
​(619) 234-8900

Lifted Sidewalk​
Street Division
(619) 527-7500
Litter on Sidewalk
Clean & Safe
​(619) 234-8900

Damaged Mailbox​
U.S. Postal Service Downtown Station
(Collection Department)

Broken Pay Phone​
AT&T Public Communications

Damaged or Vandalized Utility Box​
SDGE 1-800-411-7343
AT&T 1-800-498-2646

Leaking Fire Hydrant​
Water Department 24-Hour Emergency (619) 498-2646

Trash in Street​
Street Sweeping Hotline
(619) 527-3482

Broken Parking Meter​
Parking Management
(619) 525-8640

Overflowing Trash Can​
Clean & Safe (619) 234-8900

Damaged Bus Shelter​
MTDB (619) 527-7500

Damaged or Missing Street Sign​
Streets Division (619) 527-7500

Damaged Banner​
Downtown Partnership (619) 234-0201
Gaslamp Quarter Association (619) 527-7500